Monday, May 26, 2008

Why don't I work out? This is why ~

Yes this is a photo of me attempting to do pilates this morning..

We got a free DVD on a box of cereal - so I thought I would try it out.. it was actually pretty good. Now I have attempted my Yoga and Pilates DVD's many a time and it nearly always looks like this - as soon as a position requires lying down - the litte rascals take their chance to climb on me.

p.s. Yes I know dressing gown and fluffy winter socks are not ideal working out clothes.. but hey its cold in our house!


Carolyn Adams said...

CĂ©lia does the same thing to me!

Jan said...

What a riot. I am sure that your kids must think its a game to come and jump on you as you try to pose in the wierd positions of pilates and yoga. So funny. I love the new header. So cute of you. I got your email and will respond. Thanks Bobbie.

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