Monday, June 23, 2008

Unplug your kids challenge - OLD

I honestly could not think of anything to do for the Unplug your kids "OLD" challenge . I wracked my brain for days and even though words like this are very open ended I could not think of anything except carving apples and leaving them to dry to shrivel - but I didn't have the time for that or the apples (kids ate them all) so I was tempted not to participate in this weeks challenge.

Then last minute inspiration :)
Grandma's Birthday Lunch at our house - That's old isn't it??? Well I can't be that mean as my mum is still in her 40's!!! but she is still old to her granddaughters ;)

But here is my real old entry -

I had planned for our family to celebrate Winter Solstice (around 21st June in Australia) see previous blog here for family solstice ideas and thought well isn't that old?? It's been celebrated for thousands of years.

So here are a few things we did
Hammered nails into a tin can to make a lantern. I held the can with my legs and nail with my fingers - the girls did good not to hurt me too much

And made Plastic Cup Candle Holders!
"Sun" Crafts
Finished products - Handprint Sun and Outer Space drawing
Making Pizza
Our Fireplace - not common where I live, so we are lucky to have one
Toasting Marshmallows


Gottfredsen said...

Thats funny. I actually posted a picture of my brother because today is his birthday. LOL. Great winter solstice ideas to. Thanks for sharing.

Mad Scientist Society said...

LOL I made tin can lanterns also.. we poked constellations into them. Did you freeze water in it before you began? That makes the can more solid and easier to poke. :D Great projects.

Anonymous said...

Very cool projects. I love the handprints sun!

Kayris said...

If your mom is in her 40's and a grandma, she is definitely YOUNG! As must be you too.

Great pics!

Michie said...

I love your solstice crafts! Sounds like it works for old to me! Happy Solstice.

reprehriestless warillever said...

So much fun to see your winter projects since summer just started here. We did our summer solstice ritual -- filled up the wading pool with water!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog from the Unplugged Project, I LOVE that family picture on the top right of your blog. I think we'll have to work on getting a better family picture but I'll wait until I'm not pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Those are great "old" ideas! I love it when people have to make some sort of odd connection to fit a project with a theme. That's what creativity is all about!

Those tin can lanterns are a good idea. We have celebrated winter solstice for the last two years, so maybe we'll try these this December.

You are very trusting to let them hammer on you like that. I am gad you survived in one piece!

Thanks for joining in!

chelle said...

Children and tools. Looks like our house! Great post. You are the best. I am still working on this one. I know I am late, but I am trying. m

Laura said...

Hi Bobbie!

I love all of the activities you did, but especially the handprint suns! Too cute!

I was curious why many people in your area don't have fireplaces???

Happy Tuesday!

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