Monday, June 23, 2008

My first Tag :)

I finally got a tag - which is like a questionaire or challange or dare or something.

This one is easy though - Show pictures of where you blog

I received this tag from lovely Mechelle and I also saw it on Crazy Jan's blog. Lots of fun to visualize where everyone is writing their comments from.

So here goes

My blogging haven - Love the Ikea desk ;)
Is in the loungeroom

Apart from our house being very tiny - and there being no where else to have a computer, we are following computer/internet advice of having a computer in an open area - to help stop all those vicious addictions that can happen with too much internet eg neglecting my kids :P

So from here I can blog to my hearts content and at the same time - watch tv, play with my kids, have kids on my lap, read scriptures, do husbands paperwork,have kids do flips off the couch onto me, answer the phone, do pilates, and sit by the fire :)

With my favourite screen up - My blog ;)
The behind my desk


Janell said...

Love the fireplace - you guys have a great house!

Jan said...

Your house is so warm and inviting. I love it. That fireplace is gorgeous. I can see why you are so glad to have it.

I love having a visual now of where you are sitting while typing. Thanks for playing along.

chelle said...

Your house is so clean. Love the open feel. We have our computer out on our landing ~ following the advice as well. I can hear and see everything from here. Well, almost everything. The front yard is hard to see I guess. m

This Girl loves to Talk said...

well when your house is only the size of a shoebox it is easy to clean :) I didnt clean for the photo - must have been while the girls were at school cause as soon as they come home whirlwind... but husband did toss everything off the computer desk just a few days ago - great for me - so i just took the photos

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