Monday, June 23, 2008

You Know its Winter in Australia when.....

You wear socks with your sandals :)
It's warmer OUTSIDE your house than INSIDE!! (Curse these cold, daughty, non heated, non insulated wooden houses)
You wear boots for fashion - not because it is cold :) It is actually cold enough to wear them for 4 weeks out of the year
You get excited when you see a deciduous tree - I have ONE!!!
Book club is held at your house because you have a fireplace (fairly rare here)

BBBBBRRRR..... I am off to grab a blanket - my house is FREEZING!


chelle said...

IT IS SO HOT HERE! I wish we were cool enough for a fire. Enjoy your season. I just think it is so cool that we can blog each other from different sides of the world. M

Love the Boots

What is your book this month?

Jan said...

That is still so amazing to me, that we can live on the same planet, and be experiencing such different things.

Love the boots and your little girl putting on her shoes is just about as cute as it gets. Just adorable.

I love the porch scenes. And your fireplace looks really cozy. Glad that you share it with others.

Have a great week.

Gilly said...

I love the Socks with Sandles! haha it is so True, and there is Gabbie again running around Starkers

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