Saturday, July 26, 2008

Tag Blanket

I have decided to make a tutorial on how to make a Taggie Blankie. I found a few online, but there weren't many that went into detail (probably because they are so easy). The first tag blanket I saw were made by the Young women and Children from Faith in God classs to be put into baby baskets for expectant mothers in the ward at Church.

I made these two for a baby shower for a friend expecting twins. The fabric is rather bright but it was the only flanelette besides white at the shop - and the babies sex are unknown at the moment, so I thought this could suit boys or girls.

You could make these larger, but they are designed to be small to be dragged around my child as a comforter, take anywhere type of thing, and the tags are to be played with/felt.

Apologies for the Photos, I did most of this at night :)

Cut two sqaures of fabric (mine were around 45x45cm 0r 20x20 inches)

Pin ribbon strips facing inwards on good/print side of fabric

Zig Zag stitch along edge - securing ribbon tags on all four sides

lay both sqares of fabric wrong sides facing out

Sew using straight stitch around the 4 sides, leaving a small gap for turning through. Sew two times around to ensure tags are very secure.

Turn out to right sides

Straight Stitch around the edges (closing the opening) and stitch lines across the blanket to make a grid, securing both sides of the blanket.

Finished product

I made a teeny tiny baby one out of leftovers to go in Mummy's bag

Two blankets folded waiting for their owners to be born!
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