Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rough Challenge - Unplug your Kids

Last Weeks challenge from Unplug your Kids was rough.... again I had to think hard =)

We made a poster that had both Rough and Smooth Columns and I got them to collect things from around the house that would suit. But I made the mistake of mentioning that we could used the hand saw and "rough saw" some wood. Miss 5 actually said "Are you really really going to let us play with the really sharp saw?" She was very excited!! They gave up on the list finding straight away and wanted to do the sawing.

They did so well, I even helped them along a bit, but they didn't really need my help.. they were so good at it... but it took them over 20 mins to get a third of the way through a bit of wood, so I begged them to finish up so I didn't have to supervise anymore... They were upset, so I won the over by allowing them to sand the rough wood with some sandpaper.

Some of the Comments the girls made have made me rethink how often we use "real" tools at home

"This is so cool"
"We are like Bob the Builder"
"You are so good at it Mummy" (cause I could go fast ;)
"It would take FOREVER to build a house this way"
They loved it so much, I am glad I threw all Occupational Health and Safety Rules out the window and let them saw in dresses and no shoes (not advisable but Miss 5 never wears shoes)

Cause Bob the Builder wears ballet flats and a peasant skirt ;)

Intense Concentration = Tongue hanging out

Look how much we cut!

Sanding - Mum was freaking out about kids cutting wood with an old rusty saw.. not wearing shoes!

This weeks Challenge: HOT


emily w. said...

I love the barefoot sawing. A girl after my own heart! What a creative take on the "rough" theme.

Jan said...

Okay, that was just way cute. That skirt and shoes and those saws workin, I loved it. I think they were doing a great job for sure.

Way to rough it girls.

chelle said...

So cute! Love the girls getting into it! What a mom you are. Just Gr8. M

Anonymous said...

What a great idea :) I had a tough time coming up with a 'rough' project to but never even thought of sawing wood! Great project :)

Robyn said...

It really looks like they enjoyed themselves. Very cute.

Gottfredsen said...

What fun. You are much braver than I am. My boys pretend to saw each other with their play one. I think my youngest would actually try with a real one. That is great that you let them try.

MamaGames - Alexa C. said...

A great idea to have "rough" and "smooth"... and I promise no one here will call OSHA on you! :) These are two lucky girls.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Jaylene is jealous of the fact that the girls got to use a tool.

Annie Scarlett said...

My boys would love me forever if I let them play with the saw : )

Christie said...

Awesome idea. And they look too darn cute!

Michie said...

I love the "look how much we cut" picture - they look so cute and so proud!

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