Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The famous Grandparents dinner :)

For about 5 years now we have had an annual Grandparents Christmas dinner about 2 weeks before Christmas. This is a very looked forward to event for our family. The MR does ALL the cooking (well I do dessert - but I like to) and there isn't anything he hasn't attempted to cook! He has done whole turkeys, hams, lamb roast, beef roast.. he has done it all! So of course I look forward to this dinner as I don't have to cook it :) The girls love to have both sets of their Grandparents all to themselves and we love a relaxing dinner with just the adults too.

A Simple Dinner setting this year (each year I do something different)

Each year it is all about the name setting! I have done so many different types - decorated ceramic pots full of lollies with name on them, handpainted stones, paper ones etc etc. This years fererro rocher idea comes from One Crafty Mumma and they were a hit amongst children and adults alike.

Drink of choice this year... GLOGG!! Do you live near an IKEA? This European non alcholic drink is an aromatic ginger/lemon limes bitter/cinammon type concoction and is available there. It is very strong so is a mixer... so we mixed it with Soda Water. In cold countries you drink it hot.. but we liked it with Soda water.. YUM!! We also had Bundaberg Ginger Beer (a favourite amongst my husband and kids.. I personally don't like it) and sparkling apple and grape juice.

Family Photo - minus The MR and me

Dessert! Meringue nests with cream, berries and berry sauce

The End!

Thanks to our families for making this yearly event possible.


Catherine said...

That's the dessert I wanted to make for Christmas Dinner. How did you make the berry sauce?

Cowan Family said...

What a lovely tradition - a nice quiet relaxed Christmas dinner sounds nice (and rare). Loved the place settings - cute!!!
Just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading your Christmas activities and all the clever things you get up to with your girls. You're an inspiration!!!
Have a fabulous Christmas. XX

Montserrat said...

Terrific idea! I must show the girls so they can create a special dinner for the next time grandparents come to visit (both sets live out of town).

Calamity Cookie said...

oh, what a great idea. I'd love to do that with our family. We've never just had both sets of grandparents over before.

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