Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Each year we like to have the girls go through their toys and throw away the broken ones, gift away ones they don't need anymore and clean up before the onslaught of Christmas and even more gifts for them. We have a tiny house so this is especially important!!

Most of their toys are hidden in our TV cabinet.. so it can get a bit messy down there.. We filled a bag of rubbish and a bag to give to charity.. We have lots of small plastic toys (my girls favourite!! They play doll house or whatever their imagination is doing with tiny dinosaurs and animals.. we arent very girly here for all the girls I have :)

Then it was time to sort the stuffed toys. They have TOO many taking over their room and on top of cupboards.. it was time to Purge.. they kept the most loved ones in a big yellow bucket and then I said the rest had to go!!

Then Miss K had the genius idea of having "a little shop" So we made a sign that said "FREE toy ANIMALS to good homes"
The toys were a little worse for wear (many being second hand to us) and I secretly hoped someone would take them so the girls didn't feel bad. And we live in an area that is mostly old people and students.

Well we went out for an hour and the big teddy was gone when we came back, and then the big dogs went while we were home (that person was stealthy- I didn't see) then the cats and giraffe.. so the girls were VERY excited!! I just hope I don't have to get them all back of my elderly neighbour ;) But they were proud of that they gave them away and maybe someone will be able to have a good christmas present for free. We did hear a girl begging her mum to let her have one of the toys but the mum said NO!! that was funny :)


Cowan Family said...

Loved this idea!! Good on your girls for being such good sports about it.

Sars life said...

That is a fantastic idea. Do you know anyone who would like a giant plush nemo fish.

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