Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi

The girls wished for an Australia Day like last 3 years (see here) They were thouroughly spoilt by the YSA when my husband was their bishop...but we ended up closer to home at a local seaside beach (if you can call it that - if it doesnt have white sand.. it isnt a beach in my book :) with just our family.

Getting patriotic at 6am

Me too!

Making patriotic biscuits at 7am
I was gifted a huge amount of cookie cutters from my sister in law (thanks !!) and had a flag cutter!! I thought if I don't use that on Australia day... I will NEVER use it:) And I thought a few of them that didn't turn out looked kinda like Australia (sorry Tasmania!!)

I could not for the life of me do an Aussie flag - so just blue instead.. want a unique idea for cake decorating the Australian Flag? Go to my friends blog here

Hitting the 'beach' at 9am
The clouds kept the raving masses at bay.. but the sun came out not long after and as we left there were people everywhere.. It is just very australian to go to the beach on Australia day!

Into the concrete beach - it is filled with sea water and sand and even algae, but is shallow and has no waves.. it is right next to the beach the older two's heads are dots in the middle

The Pier

What beats watermelon on Australia day?

I had to take this photo for my american readers and especially for Frumpy!! They exist people - AMERI-STRALIANS ? AUSTRALI-CANS ?

We ended the long day watching...


phew what a long day.. and all this on the last day of school holidays.. I am surprised we made it to school the next day!!


Our little family said...

I want to be an Ameri-Stralian! What beach did you go to? I didn't recognize it. Rusty might be going to Brisbane next year for work (for a week or so), and if he does, I am SO going with him.

Sars life said...

lucky they drained that swimming hole especially for Australia Day. They only do it every six months. But what a good way to cool down.

susette said...

What a fun day! We learned about Australia Day through the fact that my son didn't get to email home on Monday. We were very sad about that.

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