Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ball Challenge - unplug your kids

Last weeks challenge at Unplug Your Kids was Ball

Once again I thought we wouldn't have anything to show - with last week of holidays and school starting and all...But now we are back in routine and there is no tv in the mornings during school terms.. the girls had a bit of time on their hands this morning.. we are only 2 days late.. thats ok isn't it??

I saw this lantern idea on the Kids Craft Weekly Newsletter which has a Chinese New Year Theme this month.

And don't they look like balls?? So we did two things at once..

Chinese New Year this year started on 26th January, which is also Australia Day - I am sure the many Chinese Australian's had fun celebrating both days.. lucky for me, Chinese New Year goes for a few days.. so it still counts :) I live very close to our China Town district and each year I want to go down there and check out the celebrations, but always seem to miss out.. I also have an AsianMart on the corner.. maybe I should go check out what Chinese New Year Treats they have??

Cut red card/paper into strips (Now would be a good time to decorate with paint, or glitter before you cut)

Using a hole punch put a hole in each piece at both ends of card

Secure each end with a split pin going through all pieces of paper

Start to 'fan' the paper out

And a round 'ball' lantern shape will appear

Attach to a stick and you have a chinese lantern.. add ribbons or any pretty things

Here is a smaller paper one with a skewer for the handle

Now I just need some Chinese take out and a few more decorations and we will be set!

This Weeks Challenge : Colour


So Smrt said...

Oh, very pretty! I've seen this done for Christmas using old Christmas cards. Happy Australia Day!

Garden State Kate said...

Very pretty.
We did a much simpler (I'm not very crafty)lantern today for Chinese New Year.
Thank you for stopping by my blog,
my daughter and I would love to
see your photo essay as part of our Australia study.My e-mail is KR209@VERIZONDOTCOM.
Thank you and Happy Australia Day!

Sherry Gann said...

Those are cute! :)

Crescent Moon said...

Those turned out really nice!

BindiM said...

I adore your little ones red flower dress! I want one too. Did you make it? So summery. That is my favourite style on girls in the hot weather.

Christie said...

We are on our way to get the brads today. Cori loved this idea and wants to make them for her room! I also like the idea of using old Christmas cards. I need to remember that!

chelle said...

So sweet. And I love how they are dressed. It was 19 degrees outside today. I see these photos and shiver! M

Dayna said...

Thanks for stopping by to see our eyeBALL!

I love these lanterns. LittleA wants to have a Chinese New Year themed birthday in April. I will definitely be making some of these!!

naomi said...

I wanted to make those but have been too lazy. They look great!

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