Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Balance Challenge - Unplug Your Kids

Last Weeks Challenge on Unplug Your Kids was Balance.

We haven't been keeping up with the challenges on the Summer holidays (that doesn't even make sense since we now have all the time in the world ??) but got back into the swing of it this week. I was hoping to make one of those balancing birds.. but the girls weren't intersted and chose their own things..

Miss A wanted to "balance" up in a tree

Miss K wanted to "balance" a balloon on her finger - and she did good, even on her nose, but my photography skills were too 'slow' to catch it all

Miss G is all into making playdough balls, over and over and over again, so I chose this as her 'balancing' feat.

Sorry for the cropped photos but my kids are constantly minus their clothes in Summer while at home.. it makes it hard to capture photos of random things they do that can be posted on the internet..

This Weeks Challange : Ball


So Smrt said...

Yay for nude babies!

Calamity Cookie said...

Good to see you back in the swing of it, I haven't quite go myself there yet, maybe next week.

Karyn said...

What I'd like to know the girls model their nudity after you? Are you actually nude too behind that camera?

chelle said...

It is so cold here. I am heating up my corn bag right now. Do you remember last July, I was telling you about corn bags? I bet you are not using them now.

Great balancing acts! You are the best. m

Sars life said...

It helps to keep the washing pile down. It has been too hot for clothes anyway

naomi said...

I wish we had some good climbing trees around here...nothing like being up a tree!

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad, I haven't been making my project rounds very often lately. Time can be hard to find sometimes!

Great balancing projects. Tree climbing is always fun. Unfortunately we have very few good "climbing trees" here (tall, straight pines with no branches down low). My kids are so excited when we find a good one!

Thanks for joining in!

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