Friday, January 16, 2009

Prayers Answered

Over the past year I have had the privilege to pray on the behalf of many bloggers. I have learnt alot from this. I even had a little personal crisis at the beginning of December but I couldn't bring myself to put in on the blog to ask others to pray for me.. but our immediate family did and our prayers were answered!! However I am really feeling the results from Collective prayer.. not only for the persons needing the prayers, but for the people participating, lives are changed even sometimes more than the person needing the prayer!

No real person I know has asked me to pray for them this year but many of my blogging buddies have.. or even people whose blogs I stalk who don't even know me!!

Lots of Prayers for NieNie after her plane crash and critical burns recovery
Prayers for Frumpy during her Brain tumour (though she is a real life friend she moved to the other side of the world.. so now she is a bloggy friend ;)
Prayers for Crazy Lady at Road 80 and her daughter when her daughters teacher passed away, then her best friend and then their family dog - What a tough year for Mattie!
Prayers for Chasing Cheerios during a miscarriage
Prayers for Carli's Clan's brother stuck in Fiji during recent floods while he attempted to make his way home from his mission

Even though many of these were heart wrenching irreversible trials, the collective prayers in each case were heard. People were healed, made it home and hearts touched.

I have shed many tears as I hear of answered prayers via peoples blogs... it makes me want to pray for others more... so my listeners... you may leave a comment as anonymous... but does anyone out there have something they need prayers for??

I would love to pray for you! Let's get praying for eachother!


Jan said...

What an amazing act of love that you are sharing here. I really am very touched by this Bobbie. I think that it is wonderful that you would and do this for so many. Miracles do occur through prayer.

Lisha said...

I'm with you Bobbie, I'm with you, I've been praying for a few friends in blogland too, a few of the same ones I see. It's good to pray for others in their need when you feel a little helpless so far away from them. I'm sure those recipients of our prayers feel them and appreciate the love.

Christie said...

That...was incredibly kind. While I don't feel that I need prayers at the moment I do pray everyday that I remain grateful and that I acknowledge the gifts in my life. And today I am grateful that I read your blog because it (and you) are a gift.

Carli said...

Thanks for your prayers Bobbie! Yes, us bloggers are all real people with real problems and real prayers (and Nie is back!! YIPPEE!). You should let some more balloons go :)

chelle said...

It is so true. I have also prayed for Mother Goose. I felt a little silly using that name, but that was the only name I knew. m

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