Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kids these days

Why no blogs?? I feel like I haven't been on here forever.... KIDS is the reason..

My kids are just too smart and take over the computer. I may regret introducing the kids to some of the cartoons I grew up with.. A while back I showed them on YouTube a few Smurfs, Gummi Bears, Snorks episodes.. now my 7 year old knows how to google youtube, search for gummi bears and watch episodes.. all day long.. "Gummi Bears... bouncing here and there and everywhere.. High adventures that's beyond compare.. they are the Gummi Bears" All unassisted!! I go off and come back and gummi bears are on... IT'S GONNA BE A LONG SUMMER!!!

and along with a new game that I recommend "crayon physics deluxe" it is a puzzle type game my computer has been taken over (MY COMPUTER... The MR does leave his laptop here, but none of my stuff is on it.. so I have been watching episodes of America's Next Top Model on his instead of blogging and reading you alls blogs.. I *may* have watched a season or two on YouTube... why is ANTM so addictive??)

Here she is in dress up as "Zummi the grandpa gummi bear" who is a magician ( well atleast there has been some non tv games :)

And just for fun..
This summers number one accessory...a fluffy beanie... while naked.. it's all the rage you know!!

Food incrusted face and all

and if you get bored of that one you can switch it up... she just started to love to wear them now winter is long gone :)

*Hats courtesy of Grandma and her knitting skills


chelle said...

Go Grandma. Love the hats. She is all ready for winter.

I know what you mean about not getting around to the blog business! But life does get in the way of our fun.

I did watch Biggest Loser one fall and I could not wait until the next episode! I was hooked. So I try to stay away from the addictive shows!

Think of you often. m

Jan said...

That naked rage is so so cute Bobbie.

Karyn said...

Gotta love those hats. Glad you're back, was hoping you hadn't curled up in a ball and fallen down a holiday hole.

The ComberNation said...

Go Gabby the fashion statement of the year. I was so impressed that I sent the idea to my two dearest friends who also received the same hats. Somehow I don't think our mature aged figures will quite cut it though!!!

Sars life said...

We do not really know what the holiday hole is yet but we have been having tonnes of visitors in their own holiday hole we are loving it. I like that hat We have the same thing in bright orange.

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