Wednesday, February 11, 2009

6 years

My middle little girl is turning 6!! She is in grade one this year and has moved up to the "big" school in the room next to her sister. I have seen this idea on other blogs with a photo from each year of their life and wanted to do similar as it has certainly been a fun 6 years with Miss A around!!








I think being the middle of three girls would be hard. Often Miss A falls to her older sister to do things for her. When Miss G was born it was a rough 2 years as Miss A found her spot in the family. She still likes to be loud and make sure her point is seen. But she also worries about everyone, like she needs to keep them all in place, I am constantly telling her to stress less!! Miss A is outgoing, funny, sweet and determined all wrapped up in one little present :)


Karyn said...

And gorgeous too! Have you told her that she looks like her aunty K? I wonder if she worries about turning into a crazy red head?

Cowan Family said...

What a lovely post! Happy Birthday Miss A.

Sars life said...

Boy does time fly and now Miss A Looks so grown up. Happy Birthday Miss A.

Jan said...

Happy 6th Birthday Miss Beautiful A.

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