Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holy Crow.... get it??

I was recommended by the great Frumpy to read the Twilight series/saga around a year ago.. and who wouldn't trust a recommendation from a Lawyer!!....but I put it off and I had never even heard of it so thought it was an American thing..For Someone who reads a book a week, I know nothing of new authors, whats the hot thing to read at the moment etc.. I just get books from the library....I also have never read or seen a vampire movie in my life.. I don't do scarey movies or books ever.. so that was another thing that put me off.. teenage vampire romance.. NO THANKS.... then everyone who is anyone knows about it and has read it... I never buy books, so had to wait till a generous sister and friend lent my the four books... and dang it I was hooked!! ... Call me a silly teenager...

I love family dynamics type books.. I love the Cullens story.. Edward and Bella and the Cullens were my favourite parts. I loved Alice too.. she had a great character and who doesnt love the DR... I can see why Teens would find attachments to this family as they are *almost* a perfect family. The parents respect the childrens choices (the fact that the are all the same age, might have something to do with this ;) They always back each other up, look out for eachother.. their family is all they have so it means alot to them

What's not to love with Edwards words, desires for bella... I think every fair skinned, freckled, brown haired, slightly klutzy girl fell in love with each page..the way he describes her skin as silk stretch over glass.. etheral beauty... her flushed cheeks... I think it was nice to have what some call "regular looking", dull looking features described in such ways... yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. His ageless words and qualities and the way he sees eternity and being with her would make most people swoon....The book made me reflect on that I do have a partner for eternity and that I am very grateful for this.

First book too repetitive and mushy.. I love edwards lines and quotes.. but how many times does bella have to almost hyperventilate/pass out before I want to throw the book!!

Then the books flip and the second is not lovey/mushy enough... grrrr I want to throw the book again!!

I hate love triangles... they bother me so much.. they love to do that in romance movies and all the soapies on tv.... ANNOYING!!! I like Romance but I dont like back and froing that goes on with Love triangles... Jacob could have been strictly friend/family friend trying to prevent her from turning into a vampire.. but hey where's the fun in that I suppose... except that I want to throw the book!!

Its a shame these were Stephenie Meyers First Books.. I think with a little more practice under her belt this series could be even more amazing, more streamlined and to the point.

I thought for Edwards apparent age and knowledge.. his character should have been smarter.. He has been to every Ivy League school and done medical school twice... a bit more refinement of his character to make it more believable

Now I hear of all these guys thinking whats up with Twilight

Firstly Edward wrote her a FREAKING lullaby... if only I had some young male readers ... go and write your girlfriend a song.. NOW.. right now!! TRUST ME..

and the no sleep thing... I think all the young readers around the world totally swoon at the thought of someone watching over them sleep... someone to be there at all times...just to hold them...twirl their hair while they fall asleep... this is romantic to girls I think

I am so embarrassed to admit how much I enjoyed these books.. I swear I felt like Stephenie Meyer had used Subliminal Brainwashing messages in the text... I couldn't put the books down.. I couldn't stop thinking about the story... I felt like a freak.. I even had dreams about it.. Maybe this is the sign of a good book.. but ewwwww... it gave me the heeby geebies... and to top it off this wanting of more made me look up FAN WEBSITES!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??? I could not believe how many twilight sites there are.. go on.. I dare you to google it...

Some funny things I read was that a person was annoyed at how 'MORMON/LDS' the book was by saying why is it all about sin/remorse no sex before marriage, the notion of souls, good/evil etc etc obviously she didnt share Stephenie Meyers religious thought..... then a few comments down someone (obviously LDS) was lamenting how disgusted she was with the books as they are for teenagers and there was definately too much sexual tension for the younger age set. I agree with this one though I think that just Stephenie wrote a book.. I am sure it is publishers and what not other people who decided where it sells in a bookstore.. I don't really recommend they be read by young teens but I can see why they would like it.

I want to do a bookclub... anyone want to come and discuss the finer points of Vegetarian Vampires, eternal love and why we cant get it out of our heads??

I had to include this one as I was telling the MR about how the Vampires glitter like crystal in the sun... I said I saw an icon that said "real men sparkle"... not too long after this conversation in the car The MR bent forward and the sun shone off his bald head.. from the back of the car Miss K says "I cant see.. Dad your head is sparkling everywhere"... WAH HA HAHA...

the MR and I looked at each other and said "real men sparkle"!!!!

Twilight Icons found

Want to relaugh over some twilight quotes?? WEll others have done the work for you at Twilight by listing quotes by book and by character

Holy Crow... by writing this I hope to put my twilight addiction to rest!!!!!


Jan said...

This is suppose to be funny when I say this okay...

This still doesn't want me to take a bite..

Good review though.

Sars life said...

I love the funny things that Kids say

BindiM said...

I am with you. I read them, didn't really want to but it was a way of stopping everyone telling me to! And, for teenage fiction, they were great. Annoying in a lot of parts, but a nice easy read and soooo romantic.

I read an interesting blog a while ago about LDS teenage girls reading them and then being disillusioned about what to expect with 'real love'. I think that the problem there would be more of what they are taught by their parents (or lack of teaching!)

Janell said...

I am guessing the addiction is still alive and well - oh good ole twilight!!! So glad you became obsessed like the rest of us!! (jan will crumble one day - oh yes she will!!) =)

Cute birthday celebration - everything looks gorgeous!

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