Thursday, February 12, 2009

The BEST day EVER - apparently

We started the morning early.. 6am.. lighting the birthday ring and setting out a birthday letter

Requested birthday breakfast food - a doughnut!
She was so excited by this she didn't see her presents sitting right in front of her for over an hour!! This reinforces to me that setting traditions is good for kids.. not once did she demand where are my presents.. and no one eats doughnuts for breakfast in Australia :)I think that was the most exciting part to her!!

Then I spent from 7:30 till school started madly whipping up a birthday crown and #6 Shirt (Yes I should have realised before the day that she would want to wear it to school!!)
She wore the crown all day at school (I was worried she would be embarrassed, and she even wore it on top of her school hat when she had to go out to play!!) I was going to forgoe the crown and shirt, but I am glad she begged for it.. these type of traditions really make the day!!

2:30 A cake at school to share

Then we headed off to an indoor play centre... only to get there and be told it is closing 2 hours early to be fumigated!! (We only been there twice, but that info didn't help my dislike for those indoor playcentres.. ewwwww) But Miss A started to cry.. so the lady let us in for half an hour ( I still had to pay for the priveledge!! - she should have let us in for free!!)

Then to make up for that we went to McDonalds were the girls pronounced TODAY as the BEST DAY EVER!! Which made a lady next to us Giggle.. They girls said we went swimming at school, we had cake, we went to Lollipops (playcentre) and to McDonalds!! I said well only on your birthday do you get so spoilt... then they lamented that only happens once a year.. I said well what about my birthday.. they said.. No mum... adults can't have as much fun.... so there you have it people!!

Ending the day with a sparkling Apple drink (and they begged to relight the birthday ring - Thanks Dad for making it for me.. it makes holidays so special!)


Putting up the Bunting... a party is going on
I totally recommend everyone have their grandma (mother in law) made 50 metres of birthday bunting out of her scrap fabric.. I will never buy streamers again!!

Another day, another cake

An afternoon tea party with friends (elegant aren't they?)


Our little family said...

What a cute baby she was! And I'm a hard judge of newborn babies. :) I love her personality. So cute and happy.

Seriously, did you think you could get away without posting the directions for the birthday crown?!?? I just wish her birthday was a week earlier. Megan's birthday is Sunday, and I want to make a birthday crown. She would love it. So, if you can, put the link up. Pretty, pretty please. :) Would it hurt to mention how beautiful you looked on your birthday date?? :) You did. We just might have to celebrate half birthdays this year, since Liz already had hers and will want the birthday crown too. You're so good to be doing traditions!

Sars life said...

I love the birthday Traditions. It is good to see that you did not have to go over the top. The birthday ring is a terrific idea.

Karyn said...

Happy Birthday Miss A.

chelle said...

What a great party. What a great party. Cute shirt! What a great mom you are. m

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