Saturday, March 14, 2009

I obviously don't do this often enough..

AT the local store last week on the far wall was one IRONING BOARD leaning against the wall for sale.. in my defense I will say its cover was very bright - multicoloured swirls ~

Miss 2 Years old says...

Mum. Mum.

I say "No darling, Ironing Board."


Me laughing.. Ok darling.. It Surfboard...

So there you have it.. even my 2 year old knows that I don't Iron...It's true I can't remember the last time I Ironed.. probably when the MR had a job interview or something..For crafting/quilting purposes I sometimes Iron on the Kitchen bench with a towel..... But the board never comes out....I have my excuses..

My crazy always under my feet kids would have ended up in emergency with burns, no room to have a board set up, an old iron which would probably leave more marks than iron out the wrinkles, and of course No Ironing means I have more time for Blogging ;)

Maybe I will get the Ironing Board out and let the kids have a surf on it... Yes.. I am off to find it now and take some photos :) I will be right back.

Paddling out :)

Standing up :)

There may be hope that my kids will be the Surfers The Mr and I are most definately NOT!


chelle said...

That is so cute! Off to the beach I say. M

Sars life said...

looks like your board is getting more of a work out than mine.

Karyn said...

I saw an Ironing Board Cover Sale stand in the shopping centre the other day and wondered how on earth they even stay in business. Havn't they heard of Nylon, rayon, lycra and all the modern fabrics. Surely this can't be a successful business to own?

Carolyn Adams said...

That's too cute!

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