Thursday, March 12, 2009

Secret Lusting

While secretly lusting after Carli's Emma Chair first mentioned here, for a while now... On Sunday a lady at church came up to me and said she was bringing me a rocking chair on Wednesday!! Pretty Random hey!

The only downside is that I live in the smallest house ever that contains 6 people. So rest assured people.. I can now rock by the fireplace, watch tv, blog on the computer, check the dinner and almost shower from that chair!! Now the only problem is getting the kids off the chair.. I have had one go!!

Oh and the angle on the chair is not the most comfortable, so I definately need a cushion or something.. recommendations anyone? I don't think I could sew my own.. and plus the cane might be picked apart by certain little fingers.. so it definately needs something on it/covering it.


Carli said...

I like it! Character and charm (and lots of bodies to fill it with!!) - nice ladies at church, bless their hearts :)

chelle said...

I don't know if I have any ideas on how to cover the chair. I will think about it.

It is a lovely chair. I am glad you have one. I think every house should have a piano, a rocking chair and a chain saw. But that is just me. m

Sars life said...

Well if the kids won't get off the chair at least the Hammock is all yours. Good luck getting out of it.

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