Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ANZAC Biscuits

Oh How I love being able to be patriotic through food :) So smart of those ladies back in the early 1900's to think of making a biscuit - which ingredients do not spoil easily making them good for naval transportation to loved ones fighting in World War One far away from home. With ANZAC Day coming up on the 25th of April, I made my yearly Biscuit/cookie as tribute.

Get the recipe from here at
For my american readers who may have no idea what Anzac Day is go Here. I suppose it is similar to your Memorial Day/Veterns Day.

Chef's assistant who did most of the mixing and pouring


More Anzac posts in the coming days.


Calamity Cookie said...

I'm getting up early in the morning to start making my batch of Anzac Biscuits. The're one thing i'll get up early for - yum!

BindiM said...

Cool. I will have to make some tomorrow. It looks like a good recipe. Your pictures make me want them now! I have to make 80 pink lamingtons for the NZ Embassy morning tea. We have a ANZAC service in one of the big churches here on Friday.

chelle said...

LICKING is the best part, after all. m

katy said...

okay, read your post more carefully. Thought ANZAC was a special Australian ingredient. Was dying to know what it was. Ha.

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