Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Only my kids..

These little Angels would never do that!

We were the only parents who braved taking our children to the saturday morning session of conference at the chapel to watch via satellite.

The little one escaped out of Daddy's watchful eye :) and had her 6 year old sister trying to catch her. Yes oh yes, there might have been two children of mine on the stand climbing over chairs almost on top of the piano, giggling from one, "Come back here" from the other and then The MR trying to lean over 3 rows of chairs to catch them, until finally wrangled and thrown over his shoulder to be escorted off the premises...

all while this talk "Respect and Reverance" in children was playing on the big screen

yes the irony was not lost on the crowd.. there were quite a few giggles from the audience while I sunk lower and lower in to my chair 10 rows back..

whose children are those??


I really don't like being that mother that has to yell at her children in public to "come back" "stay here" "stop that" etc... Honestly if I could hear myself I would cringe :)

It was a rainy rainy day at school pick up. All other children were carefully skirting around the rain under the covered walkways of the school... but not my kids

after begging for her to stop running around in the rain, I gave up on my 2 year old and just let her get soaking wet. Then her 6 year old sister joins her dancing, prancing and twirling in the rain after the bell rings.

ONLY MY CHILDREN.. not another child was out there...

After 5 mins of begging, cajoling, demanding that they get out of the rain I gave up... and when we got to the car I calmly asked "was that fun?" with a resounding YES as a reply.. they stripped off wet clothes and sat in their underwear for the car ride home.

Whose children are those?


What happens when you leave an 8 year old in charge of the bath and they see some detergent near by.

I might have been talking to the neighbour on my front varandah giving the details of her daughter's ALL day stay with us while her mum was at work, not paying any attention to my children :)

A full bath to the top with a metre of foam is fine with one person in it, but it looked like so much fun that the other two HAD to hop in.. which made a tidal wave effect and sent water flooding over the bathroom floor heading onto the wooden lounge room floor... I tried so hard not to be angry and let them enjoy their flood.

I turned a blind eye and let them have their fun... only to find them "BODY SURFING" out of the bath tub, sliding along the bath floor and out onto the wooden floor boards, seeing how far they could get on their naked stomachs

Whose children are those???


Today at Mcdonalds playground there were some older boys (8-10) being tough and mean.. but it didn't take long for the girls to realise they were in larger numbers.. so yes.. my girls may have been seen taking on some boys and throwing a few (soft) punches, pulling off hats and basically holding down these boys

One boy tried to punch (kinda playfully, but still menacingly) my 6 year old.. when her two year old sister pushed the boy from behind!! WHAT THE? Don't mess with my sister buddy.. I am all of 80 cms... I get you... LOL

Whose children are those and where did they learn that?

Maybe I am having these thoughts as I have had a few people ask me lately "HOW are you going to handle FOUR KIDS? (from people that only have one or two children) Obviously they are thinking I can't handle the ones I already got?? LOL


BindiM said...

That was a great post. Personally I don't undertand why parents don't take their kids to Gen Conf sessions. It is a great way for them to learn and eventually be reverent. There is a special spirit when you are in the chapel watching them that isn't the same at home and have lots of distractions going on. Having said that...we didn't go to ANY this year. They show them in the evening here and that was just too hard given it was after bedtime they started!

Sars life said...

I had a good giggle at your post. The rain playing and body surfing at bath time is a given with my boys, and have a hard time trying not to laugh. I only bought one of my boys to Miss K's Baptism for a reason and to my horror he spent the whole time yelling "book" through the prayers. But when everyone started singing he became peaceful. In awe I think.

Cindy said...

I love it!! The joys of being a parent. So many challenges, so many 'laughs/tears'.

Anonymous said...

I love your kids Bobbie! Rest assured, it is, of course not only your kids, but you report their adventures so entertainingly!! The best thing to do is laugh and enjoy the ride!!

chelle said...

So funny to read this. Thanks. You are a wonderful mom. m

I love the photo

BindiM said...

I am excited and have to share with you. We ended up having another session of General Conference shown at Church during sacrament (due to the Vienna City Marathon!!) so we tried bribery with Mia (6 years old). It worked! She sat through the two hours and actually watched it, even laughing at some things. She had to have a few reminders as she started to fidget. This week she has $5 to spend on whatever she wants. Of course, Spencer W Kimball called bribery 'behaviour modification' and that sounds a lot better.

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