Thursday, July 2, 2009

Reverse Applique for a Birthday

Yes, this time I will be organised... no night before the birthday sewing action for me!

So you know the now famous number tshirts that are required for birthdays? Here, Here and Here

Well this time I decided on Reverse Applique.. It was easy and I love the result!!

Trace out number of choice on Tshirt

Turn Tshirt inside out and iron on a contrasting fabric (good side down) with Fusible webbing (I just used hemming tape) do not place webbing where the number is!

Turn Tshirt back out and Stitch around the number (I hand stitched for a thicker look, but you could machine stitch if you want)

When done (carefully!!) cut the number out (inside the stitching) but being careful enough NOT to cut through the new fabric underneath. I used tiny curved scissors for this

Enjoy your CUTE AS Tshirt

(You can do any design this way, not just numbers)

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