Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I don't do favourites

....Nope not one .....

No favourite ~



movie star





TV Show




Am I bland, boring, scared to have an opinion ~ or just not ready to commit for fear I might offend? (all of the above I think)

...Like I am sorry Pink.. but Blue is just my favourite!

I was thinking on these things after seeing that Australian cleaning Guru Peter Walsh on Oprah when he said :

If you value everything you really value nothing

He was talking to people that had hoarding issues - that needed to hang onto things, and whilst my house is sometimes messy.. I am definately not a hoarder.


Maybe I just have enough love in my life for most things, without having to narrow it down. I'll go where my mood takes me. As long as the food is good - I'll like it, the colour suits me today - its cool, smells good? - I'll wear it, Makes me laugh - I'll watch/read it

I honestly freaked out in like Grade 3 when they were asking all the children what they wanted to be when they grew up ~ I pretty much had sweaty palms worried about my turn ~ why? Because I had no answer.. I didn't even have a favourite dream job! ~ Lucky I haven't had to worry about that one for a while!

I remember some game we played when we were first married at an activity. The questions were all about your spouse including their 'favourite shampoo' I laughed... If I don't have a favourite food or music.. I certainly don't have a favourite shampoo...

I told the MR 'if we are ever in one of those competions about your significant others 'favourites' that his answer should be:

She doesn't have any favourites.

(but then when I am on the spot, doing one of those scarey questionaires... I desperately try to come up with some favourites so people don't think I am weird, so what will the MR do then?? Besides look stupid for answering that his wife has no favourites.)

So in the hope of not wanting my valued things to mean nothing - I better get me some favourite things.

Any suggestions?

*Breaks into song * "........these are a few of my favourite things........."


Delightful Domestic Science said...

My favourites are often mood orientated, I'm not a rock solid devotee to anything but my husband and kids. I've been trying to decide a colour on something particular for about 6 months and just can't make a decision. If I do lock it in my mind will change next time the wind blows. I like change and variety. Nothing wrong with that!

Cindy said...

There are some areas where I have strong opinions and others where I really don't care. I think there is too much pressure to pick just one. But why? Can't we enjoy every aspect of life without prefering one over another. I think it is only a problem if you can never pick anything. Which flavour ice-cream should I have? Ummmm... As long as you have an opinion, it doesn't have to be fixed on any one thing and sealed with blood. Humans are varied individuals who are constantly changing. Why bind ourselves to one thing when we can be free to enjoy many?

Anonymous said...

Must take after your mother, because I am the same, no favourites, except I have a favourite child, but I'm not telling which one lol

Wilson Family said...

I think it's great to love "girls in white dresses and blue satin sashes"... You're amazing Bobbie and you're my favorite you!

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