Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fourth Day of Christmas

My true love gave to me..

An Advent Calendar full of lollies..

So we all know about my documented hate for those shop bought Advent Calendars. I dont like the characters on them, who knows how old the chocolate is, have to have one for each child...and they just plain irk me.

I saw this wonderful calendar idea at Filth Wizardry. Go check hers out - it is MUCH PRETTIER! I made this one going from memory of that one I saw months ago. All I had in my head was little cups glued on cardboard. I just refound the link and saw how cute hers was.. I should have copied it!

I got my little cups from a party shop. They are very light plastic shot glasses. The other blog mentions condiment cups. I think they are more papery. If you find these good - if not try shot glasses!

Basically glue small little cups on some heavy cardboard (I cut up a box) the cups look big in the photo but they are only about 4cm tall really. Fill with lollies/charms/small decorations/trinkets. Cut circles of tissue paper a little larger than the cups. Write numbers 1-25 on circles with permanent pen. Using a paint brush paint glue (I used PVA glue) on the lip of the cups. Stick circles on top of cups. Allow to dry.

Enjoy the little thrill of poking fingers through the paper..

I know we will!

Other fantastic Advent Calanders can be found here:

Advent Ideas

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Sars life said...

Well anything would be better than the ten year old half melted sugary rubbish you find in the store bought ones. I know a Mum (Not me) that used treats like a balloon and bubble mixture and bouncy ball ect instead of food. But her child was just turned two years. It kept her happy for hours.

ohAmanda said...

I made this same calendar as a countdown calendar for our vacation last year!

How fun! Thanks for linking to my advent calendar post! :)

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