Monday, October 12, 2009

Play with your Food

Saw this idea over at Chasing Cheerios and even though we don't celebrate Halloween.. I did have a few pumpkins sitting around :) As it was a cold rainy day after we finished playing with our food... I turned it into Pumpkin Soup for dinner... OH OH.. poor mr Pumpkin Head :)

Empty out all Mr Potato Head pieces (given to us from cousins! ~ Thanks Robbie and Rocci)

Stick into Pumpkins, Potatoes etc (Use a chopstick or similar to make holes in hard pumpkin to make inserting pieces easier)

Enjoy Soup after :)


Karyn said...

These look soo fun! I hope you didn't end up with play doh flavoured soup!

Sars life said...

They look so much better in the vegetables than the origional potato. More character.

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