Monday, November 30, 2009

Talents to Share

I know you all think I am awesome - but I am not really.

I can't sew things that aren't square/rectangle in shape

I love to cook, but only half the time and not at all now that my house is a furnace

I cut corners in most crafts and then achieve a less than desirable outcome

I don't workout

I Can't do makeup/hair

I Talk too much so I'm not really a good listener

and I have to convince my children to try most of the crafts I put on here - they would much rather watch tv/play computer (I'm a failure.. I know)

When I went to the class for the pink rag quilt, the instructor (also a friend) said her father gave her this piece of advice

Choose ONE hobby and do it well - that it will become a talent which you can share with others

This would have to be the absolute opposite of me ~ Jack of all Trades, Master of None

Can I help it if I like - Photography, painting, sewing, dancing, jewellery making, cooking, eating, dreaming of decorating, (my house is like the least decorated in the world!! we don't even have family photos up!)

I have had that thought going around my head ever since. IT really spoke to me, and I realised that is what I had been doing Wrong all these years! NO Focus!

I had piano lessons as a child, but gave up
I love to dance, but don't do it near enough (*cough* if ever these days)
I sew things from scraps but am not willing to invest the needed $$ to become good at sewing
Was good at art at school but havent produced a painting in years

Whilst I can do wellish at most things I put my hand to I do not have a talent that I could teach others. I am good at copying things, but to stand out on my own - I don't think so.

So I thought which things do I want to improve on/practice so it can become my talent

At this moment in my life this blog is all the talent I have to show (and that may be questionable)

Two people who I know IRL (in real life) commented yesterday that they really liked my blog. I didn't even know they were readers.

That made me Happy. Very Happy.

So my talent to share with you is ..... this blog.

Your life is changed isn't it :)



Unknown said...

My life Changed the moment you came into it. I have a list of attributes that I felt were important to me, for my wife to have. You've seen my list and how closely matched you are to it. Alot about you hasn't changed in 10 years and still we are together so your clearly master at patience, kindness, thoughtfulness. And by the speed at which you figured out how to use the computer to do this blog and your willingness to display the talents that you do have, to the world. Tells me that you have more to give. I like to say, if someone else can do it so can I. I know this to be true of you. An apprentice knows not what the master knows until he is master. Without you my life isn't complete. I love your cooking, I love your decorating, I love that you walk the kids to school in the heat of the day, again and again. I love that you spent time teaching them crafts that they think you are master of. One talent you have is persistance. Another is determination. Your are my sun shower, a shady tree and a cool breeze on a hot summer day. You add value to all around you.

Love - THE MR.

Karyn said...

What a lovely compliment The Mr gives you. Thank you for sharing your blog and your inventive ideas - it doesn't matter to me how well the outcome of each project is achieved. I love the ideas and the adaptated versions of original ideas. It is a massive achievement that you have kept the blog going for this long. Your determination certainly shines through. The ideal of perfection in all things is a major contributor for post natal depression in our country, so it's important to celebrate your achievements in what ever form they take. No matter how big or small. I now pronounce you..."Queen of Jack!"

Lisha said...

Your Mr is a darling. Just what you needed to hear. As for your blog post you could be writing that for me too, I have similar feelings about myself.

You are a talented blogger, you write well and you often write about the things that I don't know how to write about but think about all the time.

I do know you are talented at being a wonderful mother and inspiring to your daughters. Blogging about it is an art!!

Kris said...

Just had to let you know that my life was just changed! In a way I think the same way you do. I often say that my blog is just for me and if no-one ever goes there it won't bother me, but I'm not sure that that's true. I love it when I meet people in real life and they say "oh yes, I read your blog all the time". Blogging is a talent I think. I really love yours because I feel a connection with you. I am a member of the church too. Weird connection, but it works for me!

Oh. And I think your Mr sounds nice too.

Anonymous said...

Hey, all of what you wrote just means you are multi-talented and WELL ROUNDED!
(i took your advice and used the anonymous comment thingy :)


Christie said...

Awww, I am so glad I came to comment. Your husbands comments brought a tear to my eye. It is clear you are a wonderful wife and the two of you a fabulous couple. You are great because you are you and that is what you do best. For not actually knowing you and being a long way away in Alaska, what I see, is that you are the very best YOU! And that means a lot to me! :) I love your blog.

Sars life said...

It is always difficult to evaluate your own self-worth without being so critical. But smile and know that we think you are special and talented

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