Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ninth Day of Christmas

my true love gave to me ....

a photo card worthy of hanging....

or this more realistic one :)

I am the Queen of Christmas Photo Shoot Epic Fails.

I CAN NOT seem to get all my kids to smile at the same time.

I love those christmas Card Post Cards that you can order with warm christmas message to send to all your friends and family.

But being the do-it-myself kind of gal I am (*cough cough* CHEAP) I have wanted to make some myself.

Design a card and print them off at the photo booth for 14 cents each. Last year I did a few designs - But never got around to printing them. So friends and family had to do with the email version.

This year I have actually printed some, but have yet to send... So all of you wishing for a card from me.. keep holding your breath.. but perhaps if you are lucky.. your dreams MIGHT come true this year ;)

If you dont get one - Consider this your Christmas card :D

I saw this idea on the net months ago as a Fathers day photoshoot. All the grandchildren were rounded up and held up one letter each and they spelt out Grandad. It twas adorable.

So I picked out a font I liked, printed the letters N,L,O,V,E very large and traced them onto some cardboard (thick, from a box) I Cut them out and painted them red.

I got each child to pose with all the letters one at a time and then I went through all the photos, to find the best ones of each child.

Open photo in photoshop or an editing program. Make 2 layers of the same photo. Convert the top photo/layer to black and white. Use the eraser icon to 'rub out' the photo where you want the colour to show through. Arrange photos in order to spell words. I chose NOEL and LOVE as they had four letters.

Send in the mail as a postcard or included with your family Christmas letter/card.

Just because she is the best/quietest model in the house :)

go here to see just some of the 100's of photo fails I have done over the years Christmas Photo Bloopers


Beth Kendrick said...

Great idea Bobbie and very cute. Miss K looks so much like you, especially in the photo of her holding the V

Peta said...

I agree Beth, was just going to say the same thing, She is MINI BOBBIE!

Dana said...

I clicked on over from the comment you left on Katy's blog. I love the card idea of the children holding the letters. I may just "borrow" that for next year.

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