Tuesday, January 5, 2010

World Peace

Ahhh the short hair days... I wish i had my childhood photo of when I had hair like a boy to put up here.

I'm feeling like I have had medium length brown hair forever....

I desperately want to cut it off, but it's almost reached the bottom of my shoulder blades.....
I desperately want long hair so I can toss it left and right too....

oh the dilemma's

A nice short cut for my birthday?
For summer?
Or to save my babies life ~ which ever reason.

My hair has been falling out in clumpfulls with this baby (happens every time, but seems worse this time - she will have to be the last or I'll have no hair left... not to mention all the hair I'm gonna be pulling out as they grow older ;)

And every hour of every day I am picking hair off her. From between her fingers, between the fat folds of her chubby legs, from her nappy - what the? and most annoyingly from tightly wound around her neck! Decapitation by your mothers hair is not a good way to die!

I seem to cut my hair short every two years. Some times it coincides with having a baby, sometimes it just happens to be my birthday (a good way to spend that birthday cash from mum and nanna - the only time I have cash to spoil myself) and sometimes cause I have JUST HAD ENOUGH...

Ok... one more year.. I'll give it one more year.. because I got this far didn't I ~ seems to be a recurring theme in my life.. I get bored and give up!!

Long Hair it is - anyone got hot curlers?

'Cause I need some bounce so I can throw around this long hair I'm gonna have.

While I am at it (growing hair.. takes work you know...) I might join This Facebook Hair Protest for peace. Lucky Holly bought this issue to my attention. This is a group for those who wish to peacefully protest the war in Iraq by simply growing out your hair until the war is declared over

might as well focus this hair energy somewhere -

and as all the best models know - the answer is always


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