Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I still got the moves ~ I can still skate in a straight line, skate backwards and do turning crossovers
I might have attempted speed skating if it hadn't been atleast 10 years or more since I last skated :)

Maybe I should take up Roller Derby :D
That's one way to take out that built up Mothering/Stay at Home Mum Aggression!

Last week I learnt that:

I can carry a three year whilst wearing rollerskates

I can take a three year old to the toilet whist both she and I are wearing rollerskates

I can survive (barely) taking 4 children rollerskating all on my own

Having a large family means breaking many rules - when your with one kid surely the others are getting up to mischief - we got in trouble for both the carrying of children whilst wearing skates - a big no no apparently (I felt like telling the 16 year old boy you deal with a three year old having a melt down who really needed to be picked up) and whilst I was skating with a six year old who was begging me to skate along with her the three year old repeatedly broke the rules of climbing up on the rink edge - another big no no - we were given death stares by the 16 year old worker repeatedly

The hire skates are the exact same ones from when I used to skate 16 years ago... eeewwwww

My girls were the ONLY ones in the entire place who thought wearing skirts while skating was a good idea - maybe they are closet 'roller dolls'

Those pristine 'white boot' skates and speed skates behind the glass display still make swoon - who wants the ugly brown 'hire skates'?

Basically I am just glad I lived through this experience and that I didn't end up on my rear with a broken hip/leg/arm/knee/insert body part here.

Next time I'm leaving the kids at home.


Lisha said...

That's so cool!! I spent my childhood days rollerskating down our driveway to the sounds of Xanadu and at the Rollercade in Cleveland. I thought I was pretty cool cause I had my own speed skates. Sadly Rollercade has been knocked down. Where did you go skating, the only other place I knew of was at Mt Gravatt? We take our boys ice skating instead, it's just a little bit more slippery but definitely worth doing in the hot summer.

Sars life said...

I loved also loved the Cleveland Rollercade also had the black knees to prove it.

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