Wednesday, February 3, 2010

11 years down.. Eternity to go?

A few years ago we were talking with another person about marriage. Someone quoted some oft quoted line about "the first year of marriage being the hardest."
That, if you can get through that... you're doing well.

I said I don't get that quote at all. Our first year of marriage was wonderful. What's hard about it? It should be fun and romantic and joyous. All that time together, ALONE.

Then The MR pipes up .... 'For you maybe'

Oh dear... What chu talkin bout willis?

'You mean it was hard for you?'

How anyone would find living with me hard is just impossible :)


i love my life. i love My MR. i love my girls.

I'm lucky that he puts up with me.
He lets me talk his ears off. (though I guess he secretly isn't listening)
He does all the hard things
He puts up with my nervousness of doing many things
He organizes so many parts of our lives
He goes along with all my crazy plans
He cares about my point of view and ideas
He talks to me each day online while he's away from me

I always say he isn't allowed to leave or die. I would be lost with out him.

Eleven years on eternity? I am so glad I have more time.


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

awwwww....Bobbie, its awesome that you are so happy! :D

Wilson Family said...

you may not think it was hard because you're practically perfect in every way, bobbie! :) for the rest of us mortals, yes, it was hard. Dustin had no idea that I was right all the time. Poor guy, took him a couple of years to figure that out. Haha

Zanabelle said...

Our first year was by FAR our hardest. We were just getting to know eachother & we were learning how to live & share space with someone of the opposite sex. On top of all that, I got pregnant after 3 months of marriage which made me a little hormonal, cranky & unwilling to let Troy anywhere near me! We also had Gill living with us which added extra stress (not Gill herself, just an extra person to think about) It wasn't much fun....the other 4 years have been pretty awesome but :D

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