Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Perfect Child

I was a perfect child.

It's true. My mother told me.

So when our children are wild and crazy (umm that would be everyday) I blame The MR.

Because his mother has told me he was not a perfect child.

You know - I like to read. I like to sit and be quiet. I like things clean.

So when I imagined my beautiful children to be why did they not turn out like this?
It's not like I go screaming through the house all day, whining and complaining and making a mess.

Why do they not learn from my example?

Sometimes it seems they have inherited the worst parts of our personalities. They are loud, they talk to much, they aren't patient, they can't sit still, they have weird clothing ideas, they don't listen.

Before we had kids we used to joke about what they would turn out like. We took the best parts of our bodies to create the perfect looking child. We took the worst parts of us to create the most not perfect child

The Perfect child would have

My sight (The MR is blind)
His Teeth (I had braces (and my teeth are still crooked) and he did not)
My height (We are the Exact same height )
My hair (the Mr went bald at 21)
His Smile
His Hands
His Warmth (he is ALWAYS hot, and I am nearly always cold!)
My brains :)

If we took the bad parts that run in our family and put them together we would have a:

Red headed, glasses wearing, freckly faced, crooked/buck toothed, short, bald,
big sticky outy ears, mumbling child.

I bet that child would have had the perfect personality :) and caused me no trouble
It's all payback right? I really did bring this upon myself. It makes me sad that they may behave the way they do because of me. I need to be better, more consistent, more challenging, a better teacher.
And I revel in the fact that one day my girls will get payback too.


Jane of JaneZworld said...

the name of your blog might be a clue as to why they talk a lot.
Jane of

The ComberNation said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha. You have got the perfect children. They chose you to come to!! The children do the things they do just so you can learn (as your mothers and fathers have) how to cope with life. I love it when I read your blog - it's so easy for me to relate to (being the Grandma). LOL

Unknown said...

I was perfect too, so from one perfect child to another...........Life would be almost boring if they were like us! But, can we please just have a little bit of boredom each day.

Sars life said...

Ha Ha. I do believe there is a reason for everything.

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