Monday, January 11, 2010


The other night I dreamt (I think I was in a half dreaming half awake comatose state) what my One Word Should be. It was after I ran into someone who was here on holiday whose blog I read. I do know this person kinda - only one degree of seperation in this church no? But we don't really know know each other. Anyways I was having like a FAN moment.

As soon as I saw her I was like I know her, I love her blog, OH her kids look exactly like they do online... (I may have freaked them out a bit, by talking to them like I know them )... Any way I had a bit of a Celebrity Rush as she called it (such a good description!)

I was so impressed with how elegant and refined she was. Softly sweetly spoken, attentive and a good listener, very well dressed, beautiful makeup and hair and in awesome killer heels and wearing Stockings!! I dont even own a pair of stockings!! Her children were beautiful, polite and Oh so sweet and clean and neat (unlike my wild children)

Anyway I was contemplating all this in my sleep apparently and it came to me - what my word for the year should be


This year I want to become a more refined person. A good goal for someone in their 30's. Its probably high time I cleaned myself up. I am no longer a child. It also makes me think of the scriptures - A refiners fire.

I want to refine :

My speech

My attentiveness

My appearance

My home

My children

My relationships
My learning

A streamlining of sorts.

Keeping the best and throwing the rest.


Our little family said...

So who was the person you ran in to? I like the one word resolution thing. I think I'm picking the word peace. I want more peace in my house, my life, my relationships, and peace through more diligence in reading my scriptures and saying my prayers.

Sars life said...

My word is Quality. More quality in my interactions with my children and family. Trying to find that work/family life balance. But all good things tend to come our way if we work at it. But you have to admit you are way more refined than I am.

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