Monday, March 8, 2010

Best money Spent

Apparently she is a dinosaur being restrained

walking the dog

We spent $10 on a set of hammock ropes. Basically 2 nylon ropes, with a hook on one end and a loop on one end.They were used for their correct purposes for a couple of weeks. Since then they have been :

Dog Leashes
Puppet Strings
Used to tie toys up in the air
Safety Ropes
Tied around their waists and used to anchor them to a tree when swimming
Used to drag a cinderella toy carriage behind the bike
Dinosaur restraints
Used to pull behind on roller skates

You name it, they've probably used these ropes for it.

Best (unintended) toy in our house :D

The less a toy does. The more the child learns.

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Fiona said...

We had a hammock in our garage, unopened for about ten years. We recently put it out under the trees in our backyard and everyone (even visitors) make a beeline for the hammock... well it go so much use and was a little old, it did not last the distance... best thing ever!! I am going to put one on my wish list for my birthday. Bliss!! Love the kids playing horsey!

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