Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Egg Holders

So I'm kinda embarrassed to publish this craft since its as easy as anything. But my girls enjoyed doing it (esp miss G who is continually hunting down more rolls to paint) and it will basically cost you nothing. And I love crafts that cost nothing!

I saw the idea here at Zakka Life and we got to it!

Basically cut a toilet roll to desired height. Paint. Decorate however you wish. I like ones that have a bit of fake green grass!

Place egg on top. Chocolate ones would be even better!

While we are talking eggs - start now collecting your egg shells to make Cascerones . Use a knife to slice the top of the egg shell instead of cracking them open. Wash the eggs in warm water and leave to dry. Fill with confetti and seal shut with tissue paper.This was the girls favourite craft of last year! Well the smashing of them. They are excitedly looking forward to doing them again. I think this year I need to make more, as the fun is over very quickly with this when you have 3 girls doing it at once.

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