Friday, April 23, 2010

Tissue Flower Wreath

The girls school has a lovely  Anzac Day  Parade each year. Each class make a wreath to put on the schools rose bush Anzac Memorial at the school. Each year they do different types. Real flowers, paper flowers, tissue flowers, fabric flowers, photocopies etc.

Miss K came home yesterday excited about learning how to do tissue flowers.

I remember doing these as a kid, but had forgotten how. She talked me through the steps.

So today we made many tissue flowers and put them on our Birthday Candle Wreath to make a table decoration wreath for Anzac Day

First Cut a Tissue in half. Place both halves together.
From the shorter end Concertina/Fan fold the whole way up.

Staple in the middle like shown. Use a felt pen to colour the tips of the paper.
Pull out to look like a bow tie.  Slowly lift the layers of tissue upwards.

Continue until all layers up upwards - and you have a carnation looking flower.
Make a whole heap and you can stick them on a cardboard wreath or similar.

Add some leaves and a ~ Lest We Forget ~ sign.
We will be discussing family members who fought in wars while enjoying our wreath.

May you have a peaceful and wonderful Anzac Weekend.

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Anonymous said...

That brought back memories, of making hundreds of paper flowers to go on the arch at my wedding, sounds so tacky now but all the rage then lol

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