Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coming down the chimney tonight

Our very own Santa Claus
Coming to a chimney near you!

She had a wonderful time playing in the soot in the bottom of our chimney :S
She went through four changes of clothes today.
I just love crawling babies.


likeschocolate said...

She is a keeper! Chimmey dirt and all.

Just ME said...

You are so game for putting a baby in white to play at home!!
(And you must be a bet launder than most too!)

Sars life said...

Lachlan Found our friends Chimney but sat in it on a chair calling up. Aparently he did not like the dirt but was exploring with sound.

Miss N's Dad has a photo just like that one only replace chimney soot with vegimite. Go the nappisan!

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