Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bird Feeders

I have had this idea filed away for years. It can be found  many places on the internet.
 The other day I finally remembered to buy some bird seed.

As Autumn is here and winter is coming soon, we thought it would be a good idea to help feed the birds. Even though we are in a city, there seems to be quite a few around here.

Firstly you need : A pinecone (or toilet paper roll), peanut butter, bird seed, string

Cover pinecone or toilet roll in Peanut Butter

Roll in birdseed

Hang from Tree

Wait for Birds to eat

Alas we didn't get to see any birds eating from ours. After  a few days BOTH bird feeders were GONE! We have a lot of possums in this area and think maybe the possums took them back to their burrows/homes in roofs? The trees around here are filled with possums at night. Well if we couldn't feed a bird, hopefully the possum enjoyed. Will have to make some more for the birds this time.

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