Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Glove Painting

This week I thought I would post some of the art/crafts we have been up to lately.

My kids can rarely be trusted to paint without a huge mess.

Somehow it always ends up all over their hands and arms, and sometimes feet, and sometimes bellies! I often have to state that today there is to be NO!! fingerpainting. Paintbrushes MUST be USED!

But I don't like to be mean all the time!

Anyway this one was their idea. I had recently purchased a box of gloves for $2 to be used when handling raw meat. However they saw an opportunity to paint without getting messy hands (thinking fun for them and a non angry mum)

Fingerpainting with Gloves on. They had a great time.

However whilst their HANDS may have been clean.. the several bottles of Paint and other areas were covered from the gooey gloves!

One daughter was sad that her painting ended up Army green/brown. I said that's what happens if you mix lots of colours together. I said not to be sad, it was more about the process than the end product. This still didn't really make her feel better. So if you don't want to end up with brown smudge painting and sad kids.

..limit your colours!

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