Monday, May 31, 2010


I'm going 'incognito' so if you still want to be able to find me... read below

When I started this little online space of mine I never thought I would have hundreds of readers. I started cause a friend who lived far away suggested I should because I enjoyed to read hers.  At first I thought noone but my family and  a couple of friends would read.

This has taught me the need to have vision.

As I sat there 2 and half years ago thinking what to call my blog, I was so boring and had NO clear idea of what I wanted for my blog.  I used my NAME in my blog address because I couldn't think of anything else. Now we all know that is NOT SMART people!!

I have been musing for a long while now to change the address to something safer for my family.But it seemed like too much hard work and I didnt want to lose you all. So I am giving you warning that I will be soon changing the URL of this blog.

The web address that leads you here will be changing. In the hopes that over time you will all forget my real name...... don't look up there now...... *swings watch in front of your face* 'You are getting sleepy..... so sleepy... when I click my fingers You will not remember This girl loves to talk's  real identity.'  So hopefully over time all the crazy stalkers that read this blog will not be able to access personal information about ME....  really you don't have to go looking. I give you most of it anyway!! lol

So if you want to follow along and not be given "The blog you are looking for no longer exists'  statement

this will be the new blog address

There is nothing there yet, so don't click on it.. and DONT register that name!! or I will hate you forever... well not really.... I havent changed over yet Cause once I go over, this blog here at this address wont exist anymore

Anyway it hasn't happened yet, but will be within the week.

If you want an email notification about this then leave me yours in the comments! (I wont publish it)

1 comment:

Felicity said...

your pic is so incognito I had to double check who's blog I was reading ;)then I saw your Mr on the side-bar and remembered :) hehe - i'll have to make sure I don't use your name in the comments anymore too!

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