Saturday, May 29, 2010

First of the Season

First Fireplace for the season

Today was just one of those days. Maybe it was because The Mr was working, maybe it was the rain, maybe it was being housebound, maybe the kids were just wired. Who knows, but I know that I rebuked WAY TOO MUCH TODAY.

It seemed today that they went from place to place making mess (cubby houses, making their own stuffed toys,  movies, leaves  and toys through the entire house) and it seemed to take an extreme amount of coaxing to get them to clean it up. Their listening ears were definately missing in action today.

It also didn't help that I was trying to finish a quilt with a crying baby all day
(she is getting 8 teeth at once!)

Late afternoon the girls decide they want a fire tonight. They were responsible for collecting everything and getting it ready. I'm thankful for our Firemaker Extraordinare The MR. He can make a mean fire!

So apart from the dried sticks and leaves that were strewn through the entire house I'm glad they came up with the idea and did it. It upsets me when kids force my hand (when I'm reluctant) and it turns out great. It reminds me I need to go with the flow more and loosen up. I know what I want to be remembered for by my kids.

For in some days. 30 mins of peace (not that it was quiet) may be all we get.

So while they poked the fire and  chatted,
 I rocked Miss G in a rocking chair snuggled up in the new quilt I made.

A great way to wind down.

*The girls got a kick out of me singing "This is the song that never ends". They kept asking me to keep going. Miss G would say sing it again its making me go to sleep. lol.

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SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Those moments are so magical...especially after a crazy day! :)

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