Friday, May 28, 2010


it's not all freckles...lucky she's still cute.

Is dirtiness a gene?

I think my kids have it.


I know my kids are messy. They have never been the sweet, clean, 'can't stand to get my hands dirty' type children. I know of friends whose kids are scared of sand. Wish mine were sometimes. Or kids who freak if their hands get sticky. Wish mine were.... sometimes. My kids are more likely to freak when I come at them with a wipe to clean their face.

This week it was really bought to my attention because I have babysat for 4 different families over the week. Two of the families had kids the same age as Miss G. At the end of playing for half a day - Their faces were spotless. BUT MY CHILD'S face looked like above photo.

Sometimes she has 3 baths a day. I am constantly wiping her face. Sometimes she doesn't let me, and she walks around like that. I am so embarrassed at school pick up and the like. She goes in dirty clothes cause I don't want to dirty another pair of clothes just for school pick up!!

So if the kids were playing the same things, at the same place..... why is my kid the dirty one?

Like I said.

It's a gene.

Or a talent they've got down pat.

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