Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hands On

pounding the pavement on our date

Today I was reminded that one of my favourite things is to hold The Mr's hand.

Sometimes it can be a long time between handholding.

My hands are often so full of other things. When we go out as a family, I have small little hands nestled in mine, or a pram to push. At home I am cooking or cleaning or ferrying things from one place to another. My arms are full of pudgy bundles of babies.  My fingers spend more time carressing the computer keyboard than they do curled inside the soft, warm, all encompassing hand of my most favourite person.

It was our first date alone since before Miss N was born. We have a had date or two in 10 months but she usually came with. I think for the next little while we might have to give up on Friday Night Dates. 

Saturday morn or afternoon will have to do.  Book me in!

(To be fair the poor Mr had 3 dates today! He missed a daddy daughter date last week, so he had two seperate daddy daughter dates today to catch up and THEN had a daddy mummy date with ME! Such a busy wanted man!!)

Today went well. The children were happy to play with the babysitter. No stress of bedtime or mealtime. . And the teenager was still alive after looking after my four angels! The children played, ate fresh baked bread and were rocked in the rocking chair...

While I walked hand in hand with my love

oh and ate dessert (afternoon tea?) at one of my favourite restaurants Freestyle Tout :)

I am thinking of doing this more often, anyone want to swap babysitting on a Saturday once a month?


likeschocolate said...

What a wonderful treat!

Unknown said...

oh those brioche dumplings are the best ever!!!!!!! That restaurant is also one of my favs!

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