Monday, May 24, 2010

Rice Heat Bags Tutorial

One of our rice heat bags from last year met an early demise last week by being caught in 'an accident' (ie it was in the same bed someone wet during the night)  and after talking with a friend about how much I love my rice bags, I thought I would put up another tutorial for them.

I made these rice bags this morning in about 30 mins.

We love our rice bags because they are easy to make, CHEAP, you can carry them inside your clothes (for when you still gotta get up and moving), it makes going to bed Fun in winter, the older girls can microwave them by themselves, no chance of getting burns from heaters or like and they are ENERGY saving. Our electricity bill is fairly low in winter because for the last 4 years we have not had a heater. But we have these! I put mine in my bed 10 mins or so before I hop in and it is like an electric blanket!

Basically you just need a rectangle of fabric. I have recyled/upcylced old jumpers, tshirts, dresses to make mine. A soft fabric for the pillow casing is nice.

Here I have a heavy check material (was an old dress of the girls) and some soft flannel left over from when I made  this blanket. The red check is one of last years rice bags (not the peed one :)

Basically place 2 rectangles wrong sides facing and sew around leaving a gap for turning on one side.

Sew around twice to ensure strength (you DON'T want a bed full of rice when your kids pops the bag)

Turn right side out

and you will have a rectangle with a hole ready to fill with rice.

Fill with rice (not too full, just so it sits nice and flat)

I use the cheapest homebrand rice, its not for eating!  I think a 1kg bag cost me around $2

Sew hole shut. Fold in edges flush with the rest of the side. Sew back and forth a couple of times.

Yes sew on the outside, keeping rice in. We are going for function not looks :)

Now to make a little pillowcase for the outside. The first year I did not do this, and they got pretty grubby quickly. You want a little cover you can wash, because the rice bag can NEVER be washed or the rice will swell.

This is the bag without cover. You can leave like this, I have some that aren't covered.

To make case use two rectangles of material right sides facing in, turn down top a little like a pillowcase.

Sew three sides leaving top open

Viola you have a  Cozy Rice bag or three

Ready to tuck into bed with my girls at night.

Cozy warm.

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