Monday, May 17, 2010

Knitted Dresses

Sweet little girls in knitted dresses.

Knitted by their great grandmother. Makes me swoon.

oh but what is this on my head? Get it off, Get it off!

Success! Take That!

Sigh....Yes just like her sisters.

Refuses to wear anything on her head. I must have tried to put it on 20 times. Each time it was off within 3 seconds. I've tired several times at different months, but I have not won the fight yet.

It takes about 9 years until they will let me do their hair nicely.

I'm not a bad mother really, I do my girls hair each day. Two pull it out almost immediately, one can't stand the PAIN of any type of hair paraphernalia and the other has hair that just BOINGS out on it's own 10 mins later.... how did I end up with the anti girly girls? Wild haired things they are.

To all you mothers with darling perfect haired girls.... I am jealous...


SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I have the best/worst of both intensely girly girl that loves to get feral regularly....Hahaha

Sars life said...

Such fine work on the dress. I do love great grandma's work. It is fast becoming a lost art. Hope the skill gets past to at least one of your girls.

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