Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Pile of Mothers

♥ I love Family ♥

Back in February while shopping with my mother she commented about my post about having/not having more kids.  Because my blog is a hot topic of conversation!

She said sometimes we only know what we are currently doing. You have been doing the kid thing for a while. Sometimes it is hard to know when/how to stop. You can't remember due to baby brain don't know anything else. She said it is hard, and it was hard for her. To give up her babies. It's still hard as she is  going through the empty nest syndrome in the last year or so.

I still have time. Miss N is only little. I still have a few months to decide.  If I decide yes one more, might as well do it soon and get it over and done. If not, I have her advice. It's hard to move onto different phases. It may hurt. But it can be done.

Timely Advice and Love from our OWN mothers is what makes parenting my own children a little more rosier. I know I love to talk to her and it will be wonderful to have all these girls to talk to. Of course I only like talking to people who listen, not till I'm blue in the face, so hopefully they will improve a little over the coming years :D  When I love my mother and mother in law it makes me able to see forward. Being able to see what can be is imperative when raising young children.

Family Relations that extend beyond our own immediate family can be most fulfilling. The girls are extremely blessed to have not only a  mother to pamper on Mothers day, but 2 grandmothers and 2 great Grandmothers. We visited one set of great grandies yesterday and it was most pleasing to see them envelope their great grandchildren in their arms and look at the swarms of lorikeets my Pop entices to the house by feeding them.

Having such a large family extending many generations is one blessing we are indeed grateful for.

My girls have a huge Pile of Mothers to choose from to look up to - I know they need mothering from more than one! Which is the way it is meant to be. The large amount of women (around 12) in the family are a irreplaceable resource.

We all need more than one Mother.

In tribute to Mothers Day this week I will be writing Posts on Motherhood

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Montserrat said...

I am SO grateful for the other mothers in my children's lives - aunts, grandmas, great grandmas, etc. They help to fill in the gaps!

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