Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Fatherhood in the Motherhood

If there were no Fathers there would be no Mothers.

So I figured I'd give the other half a teeny bit of praise leading up to Mothers Day.

I suppose they did contribute ;)

Those adorable little kids just aren't their mothers doing.

They are especially 'their father's' when their character traits annoy me. lol

I love that The MR gives me the opportunity to 'Mother'

I am glad that he puts no pressure on me to contribute 'monetarily wise' to this household

Indeed I am lucky

I love that he designates every Saturday to Daddy Daughter Dates. Each girl has an assigned Saturday. Eldest to Youngest , First Saturday till Forth Saturday (well Miss N is pretty easy going at the moment) for a few hours.

I love that he will take them shopping for lipgloss, eat icecream, ride bikes, attempt to sew softies, eat at the pancake mannor, climb on the roof. I think I am jealous of their dates!

I love that  their favourite thing to do is 'wrestle' with their Dad.

Pretty much I love all things Daddy Daughter related. I really think it is the most adorable thing ever when girls love their dads. I say to the Mr don't you want Daddy's little girls?

Girls that look up to you with love and admiration, their knight in shining armour, the one that lets them scale the highest heights. The big strong one they can fall back on anytime, and know that you will catch them.

Great Dads make for wonderful husbands. But sometimes they can get lost too. Being a Dad is hard. Hard on expectations. Hard to be the strong one everyone looks up. So to the dads (well I know no men read this except for The MR) We love you and need you.

Plus I think you're pretty cute. I'm glad I get to be with you for eternity.

Especially when all those kids will be gone :)

This week in tribute to Mothers Day I will be writing posts on Motherhood


Felicity said...

I love this Bobbie! Your girls are lucky indeed to have a father that obviously loves them the way he does! What a difference this will make to their lives (and yours :) as they grow!!!

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Beautiful picture of you and Ken! :)

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