Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Real Mothers Day

Whilst sitting on the deck, relaxing in the cooler weather on Labour Day, chatting to The MR, I suggested that Miss A should go out and play in the lot next door.

"No, I don't want to. I want to stay and bother you"

Yep, she said those exact words. After I laughed and laughed she said that she didn't mean it.

But oh yes did she mean it.

Being a mother feels like being slowly pecked to death by little squawking chicks. Someone always wants something. Peck Peck Peck. Little pieces taken each day.

Who knew it would be so hard?

Another one of those things that you know NOTHING about until it's done. Too late now.(not that I would change it, but still) It seemed easy looking from the oustide in. Aren't kids just adorable 24 hrs a day?

Whilst disecting the reality of  Mothers Day  between a few of us a comment was made
(by someone who shall remain anonymous :) I'm stealing this because she said it better than I can.

[Mothers Day] Doesn't exist in this house either. I think it goes something like this ... it's the day where you have to stay in bed so your kids can bring you cold toast. Then you spend the rest of the morning playing catch up, trying not to yell at everyone because you're now late for church because of said toast and don't want to be cranky.

You go to church and battle there, as per usual, and then you spend the rest of the day driving between and walking the relationship tightrope between your own family and wanting to be pampered, your mum/grandmother, and then your mother/grandmother-in-law ..

I've always said I'm going to book myself into a hotel one Mother's Day and stay there for 2 days and do whatever I want, sleep when I want, eat when I want and what I want and come home when I want ... of course hell will freeze over first! And some people are horrified that this is truly what I want to do on this day rather than be with my family *sigh* ONE DAY I am going to do it!

I whole heartedly agree. Now THAT would be a real MOTHER'S DAY

Maybe a group of us could run away together. Then we would be known as the

Mothers who ran away on Mothers Day.

Its probably too late for this year, but how about an early booking for next year? Takers? anyone, anyone???

Because Last Year the girls PURPOSLY bought me Lindt Chocolate Truffles for Mothers Day because they KNEW I would share. Either they are SMART or I am STUPID!!

*and boy do I have a big nose in profile :)

This week  in tribute to Mothers Day  I will be writing Posts on Motherhood.


Just ME said...

book me in!!!!!

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

So true Bobbie - I'm in for a running away Mother's Day...haha...no really ;)Loving you posts more and more - your writing is brilliant and your topics insightful....Rock on Blog Lady! x

Anonymous said...

Although it is a nose view, it really isn't a big nose. You look gorgeous and I applaud you for including pics in your blog that show you at all angles, not just the ones you want us to see. you look great.

Mothers post week is a hoot, keep them coming.

Maioha said...

Great post! It will be a while before I can join you in running away but I'm sure by then it will be well established and coordinated. I look forward to showing up!

Anonymous said...

you know I'm up for it! ;) I think I might have to do a trial run before September though - otherwise it could be a while for me!!


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