Saturday, June 26, 2010

50 years

My mum made it to the big one! 5-0

I used to love when occasionally in conversation I could say to people
"Oh my mum is in her 40's!"

People would look at me incredulously.


Especially as I have 4 kids people think I am old.

Alas I can no longer say that about her.

Now she is just plain old.

Ha. Not really. Still very young at heart.

What I learnt today.

Don't Use the fancy icing tips for the first time, the morning of said party. It's harder than it looks.

These are the good ones. Not so good ones are in fridge for me to eat later :) My fancy tupperware icing accordian squeezy thing was no good. I found it has to be full of icing to work (thats a lot of icing), I only had a small amount, so it didn't work. I burst 3 ziplock bags to make these! And created a huge mess. But they're cute!

Don't let your beaters break while you are attempting to beat 1kg worth of cream cheese icing.
Beating it by hand is NO FUN. Also think ahead when you make a HUGE heavy cake that needs to be transported! Balancing a cake on a plate in a car is NOT FUN.

Orange and Poppy Seed Cake with  Mango,PassionFruit, Mango Jam Filling with Cream Cheese Icing

Don't try to take family photos with children. They don't like to cooperate.  We had one boy who didn't want to. One girl walked off for a drink during, same one had her finger in her nose (I find now while editing pics! grr) Plus One baby screaming. The stuff family photos are made of! I might embarrass us all by doing an 'evolution of photo's' including grumpiness, nose picking, screaming babies.

All the girls! No I didn't have an extra one! I do have one niece!!

Happy Birthday Mum!

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