Monday, June 28, 2010

Corn Syrup Painting

As soon as I saw This painting at Eighteen 25 I knew I wanted to do it.


It's really hard to find Corn Syrup here.

A week later I'm  in the IGA just browsing in an area I normally don't and there in front of me are all the imports. They had corn syrup. Except it was $7 for a small bottle. But Lucky me, everything was marked down to $2!!

So I HAD to buy the corn syrup. It would be a crime not to.

For this paint all you need is corn syrup and food colouring (I wonder if it would work with glucose?)

Any paper will work, but art paper that is a bit shiny will give a better result.

It takes a few hours to dry.

When dry it reminded me of Roll up's. (probably thats what they are made out of ;) or a shiny nailpolish.

This stuff is STICKY! Make sure you layout newspaper, and get ready to wash kids if they get it all over them (for once my kids actually stuck to the paintbrushes! )

I have read that if left on a wall in warm temps it will melt and run everywhere.

There is also the worry of ants being attracted to it.

I told my girls this was just for fun and we aren't going to display the work. It was about the process, not the end result. We will look at them for a day or so and then probably throw it away.


Now I still have nearly a whole bottle of corn syrup left. To all my american readers: What's your favourite recipe using Corn Syrup? So I can use it up!

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