Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

I loved this idea from one of my favourite kid craft blogs FilthWizardry

She has the best ideas. The stuff she makes for her daughters is AMAZING.

So we set about doing our own version. On a smaller scale.

First off you need clear glue. The one in those glue pens is perfect

I got these from a Asian store.

Now all you need is a window and lots of tissue paper.

Glue shapes onto window.  (Using the glue pens = less mess) Cover Window.
Even better if its a dirty window like mine :)

Keep Going,  you can add little bits on all day.

Enjoy your stained glass window.

*To clean just peel off. For the tougher stuck on pieces spray with water and wipe off.


Karyn said...

Great! I've finally found your new site and added it to my toolbar. Yippee, now I can stay on top of your goings on. Wow, I can't believe how big Miss G is, and walking around the furniture too. It will be nice to see whats happening with you all again. Have a great holiday. Come on up if you like.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
thank goodness I found your blog again! I neglected to note when you warned us you were moving! I checked your husband's blog, but his link to your page is incorrect. Then finally I found you mentioned on filth wizardry! Yeah!
see you round! Jenny

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