Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Musical Tales

Dance Off - See we do listen to music - Aqua mostly :S

The Mr and I are not musical in any way.

Neither of us play an instrument.

We don't have a favourite style of music, or collect any.

I don't have an Itunes account.

I can't sing. He can sort of.

I mean I really can't sing. When I say I can't sing people always say, "Oh neither can I, don't worry."  One time that exact phrase was used.  A few weeks later the poor person had to stand next to me in  the Relief Society Choir when we sang at the christmas party.
She came up to me later and said 
"Oh you really meant that you can't sing! You were bad!"
"..erm ....yes. Pretty sure that I said I can't sing"

One time Miss K went to a friends house. I am friends with the mother and she relayed their conversation that day to me.

They were having a mini disco in said friends room. Miss K was having fun. She said to the mum
"This is so fun. We aren't allowed to listen to music at home.
 All we listen to is church music!"

What the? Lucky my friend knew it proabably wasn't true. So glad it wasn't said to someone else who might think we are more weirdly religious than we already are! We aren't that scared of the outside world!! lol Popular music is part of our lives. Really!

So I thought back trying to figure out why Miss K would think this? She has listened to plenty of music over her life. We used to watch Rage before the kids got old enough to figure out there were cartoons on Saturday Mornings.

But at that time we only listened to the radio in the car. At that time The Mr took the car to work. He was going thru a phase of listening to classical music or church music on sundays and long drives. We didn't have a CD player or ipods or anything. We owned very very few CD's and as a rule don't download illegally so we didn't own any music either as our money is spent elsewhere.

HA HA HA it was true. Sort of.

Sad coming from two people who loved to dance and cut a rug at the many stake dances we attended and ones I decorated for as Stake Dance Specialist (yes it was a calling!)

Anyway over the last year I have been trying to change that. We have lots of impromptu dance offs. An now this week thanks to a friend we were given a sound system. Girls are having a ball playing their beloved Aqua CD. I'm trying to ween them off onto some other 90's dance music. Cause I have had enough of Dr Jones, Candy Man, Calling You, Heat of the night, My Oh My. Seriously Aqua. I've had enough water!!

Got your dancing shoes on? We got some moves to show ya!

Showing the girls 'running man'  :)

There was alot of hip holding, hands in the air and jumping


Felicity said...

the running man pic cracks me up :)

Desi said...

That sounds a lot like our house! Not much music, since we don't usually go out and buy CDs. The one CD that my daughter is addicted to is ABBA's Golden Hits CD, great dance music!!

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